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We offer a full range of creative and production services, deploying the right combination to help our clients develop meaningful relationships with their audiences.


Sometimes, knowing what to do is just as important as knowing when to do it. By evaluating your current situation and objectives, we can shine a light into the dark corners of your business, and help you make the best tactical and strategic decisions possible.


This is where it all started for us.  We love graphic and motion design, audio and video post production, and really any task that brings creative vision to bear on a problem.  From the finest of fine art to the most mundane technique, we’ve got your creative needs covered.


Code makes the world go round, at least these days, and we rather enjoy writing it.  Elegance and power are what we aim for, whether in a php web framework like Drupal (our favorite) or in custom app development across multiple languages like python, java, or objective c. 


Making new friends, getting your message out, delivering your brand into the hearts of the people — that’s social networking today.  Dualform positions brands, companies, and people to take full advantage of the social web, expanding their reach, as well as their bottom line.