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Getting In Communication with Slack

Everyone here at Dualform has been working extensively with remote teams since the beginning of time (well it feels that way!).  Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, Gtalk, even ICQ and IRC — we’ve used them all, in one way or another.  But several months ago, we switched our teams to, and haven’t looked back.

Slack is a new breed of online communications, integrating the best features of IRC and instant messenger, resulting in a hybrid beast that is more flexible, efficient, and easy to use than just about anything we’ve seen before.  Discussion groups and communication channels can be created on the fly, previous conversations are visible for easy reference, you can drag and drop files into the chat to upload and share with your team — the feature list goes on and on.  If that wasn’t enough, Slack can integrate with other systems, like Trello, Google Drive, Github and Bitbucket, and many many more.

In short, a firm positive recommendation, especially since the free version really only has one limitation, that it only records 10,000 lines of your chatlogs.  The paid versions start at six bucks and change per user, per month, which is a steal. Go get on it now and start slacking off!