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About Us

Dualform Studio is a digital agency, building smart design, each and every day. We specialize in building bridges between our clients and their customers by deploying the full range of integrated creative, strategic, technical and production services.

Have an idea, but not quite sure how to implement it? We can help. We simplify the complex and smash through technical roadblocks with effective, modern solutions. Not really sure what you need? We’ll develop a custom strategy for you from the ground up, tailored to your specific needs. We’ve been doing this stuff since long before the beginning of the dot-com era — we know what works, what doesn’t, and the why and how of both.

Fed up with your agency communicating poorly, missing deadlines, or leaving you with a tangled mess? That’s not what we do. We care for each and every project like it was our own.

Our staff of multi-disciplinary experts are always on the job, keeping up with the newest advances in their respective fields so that we can bring that knowledge to bear in our work. Our expertise frees you up to focus on other areas of your business.

Want to know more? Contact us, or check us out on Twitter.